SALC Training Events:

Clerk / Officer / Councillor SALC Training:

SALC is committed to making the primary tier of local government in Somerset more effective, more democratic and better able to take a leadership role in our local communities.  To this end we offer a range of training programmes developed to address the unique needs of the professional clerk. For councillors our training is as equally diverse as the duties and powers of  local councils. We provide courses for new councillors through to the experienced chairman.  Please see the schedule below for details of the next training courses in date order. New events are being added to this page all the time, so remember to check back often.

Foundation Training:

These are essential, basic training events that all members of the council should have attended. Refresher training is also recommended.

We often offer 4 spaces for the price of 3, or other special offers to help keep the costs as low as possible to the council.

  • Councillor Essentials P1 - Roles & Responsibilities
  • Councillor Essentials P2 - Governance &  Finance
  • The Code of Conduct
  • Responding to Planning Applications
Intermediate Training:

For the more experienced Councillor and ones that want to keep learning. As with the foundation events above, the intermediate events are run throughout the year.

  • Successful Chairman
  • The Council as an Employer - 10 Rules for Success
  • GDPR Compliance
Specialist Training:

These are normally one-off events run by external training providers and have included:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Parish Online
  • Climate Emergency
  • Internal / External Audit
Bespoke whole council training:

It is the aim of SALC to ensure all members of the council are equipped to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. To this end offer many different events focussing on a range of topics. Should a council require specific, personalised training we are delighted to discuss the provision of a specially tailored programme.

Certificate in Local Council Administration (CilCA):

CiLCA is a foundation qualification for local council officers and others working with local councils.  It’s a Certificate in Local Council Administration awarded at Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) where it is worth 20 credits.  The qualification is owned and managed by the Improvement and Development Board (IDB) working on behalf of local councils in England.  Local councils include parish, town, community and neighborhood councils.  CiLCA is administered by the Society of Local Council Clerks.

SALC run CiLCA support training events throughout the year. The price of the support training does not cover the cost of registering for the qualification with the  Society of Local Council Clerks.

How to book:

Since March 2020 all SALC training events have been held remotely. During 2020 & 2021 the demand for training events has significantly increased, at the same time it takes more resources to manage the remote training, this has put pressure on us. We do rely on the officers of councils to send all the information required to make a booking within the body of the email that is sent to us.  The information required is:

  • The full name of the person who is to attend the event.
  • The name of the council making the booking.
  • The title and date of the training event.
  • The direct email address of the person who is attending the training.

Bookings can be made by clerks / officers by sending an email to: You can download a Training Proforma Invoice Form here, this can be used by the council to raise payment against while your waiting for the invoice. An invoice will be sent within a month (or so!) of the training event taking place, this should be paid within a month of receiving.

Joining Codes / Links for the Training Events:

  • Joining codes are sent directly to the attendee, this is why we require their direct email address. 
  • Joining codes are sent out by midday on the Monday before the event - if the code cannot be found by the afternoon of the Monday before the event please contact us urgently. 
  • The SALC office monitors error email (non-delivered emails) and always ensures that incorrect email address are updated and the code delivered to a working email address.  
  • It is incumbent upon the attendee to to ensure they have found the link well in advance of the training event.

Terms & Conditions (the small print):

  • Each course will offer a limited number of places, booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • Please ensure the council has received an email confirmation of your booking before attempting to attend a course.
  • As places are limited, and in order that we can keep our member's course fees as low as possible, all course fees are non-refundable and are due within a few months of the course date, as specified. No-showers will be charged.
  • In the event that we have to cancel a course we will notify you by email and will re-schedule as soon as is possible. If you are unable to attend the new course date the council will not be charged.
  • You can download a full copy of the SALC Training Terms and Conditions here.

Current SALC Training Events:

Please click on the links below for further details: