• It is mandatory that your local Town / Parish Council adopts a Code of Conduct for its Members' and to have a Register of Members’ Interests. Both should be freely available on the Council's website.
  • It is required that the Council’s Code of Conduct complies with the Seven Principles of Public Life, and to set out how Councillors will have to disclose and register Pecuniary and Other interests.
  • It is required that the District Council's Monitoring Officer establish and maintain the Register of Members’ interests for the whole district area. It is Monitoring Officer who would investigate potential breaches of the code.
  • Members of SALC / NALC are encouraged to adopt the NALC Code of Conduct, but some Town / Parish Council in Somerset have adopted their local District Council's Code of Conduct. Please check with your local council to confirm the version they have adopted.
  • Copy of the NALC Code of Conduct: - L09-12 - NALC’S CODE OF CONDUCT FOR TOWN / PARISH COUNCILS
  • The following publication on members' interests might prove useful: Openness_and_transparency_on_personal_interests
  • It is possible for a Councillor to be granted a dispensation by the Clerk / Council to take part in an agenda item that they would normally have to declare an interest in, if it is felt that the Member has a vital contribution to make or if the council would be unable to function without their presents.